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100% Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

We promise you 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied. We are confident that you will not get a chance to use this option. Gistreads provides high-quality products designed to develop a better understanding of the summery. We highly recommend that you try to read the description of every summery that we provide "free of cost" so that you can know deeper of what you are buying. In order to further increase buyer's confidence and we so thoroughly believe that our products work, we provide 100% Money Back Guarantee - in case you not satisfied with our products, we will refund your full payment.

Why GISTREADS Is Reliable?

GISTREADS can be your trustworthy source for various international authors, because we have the following advantages:

1. All the reference materials in GISTREADS are compiled by experienced professional and experts who are familiar with subject matter experts. So, our products could cover most of the knowledge points and ensure good results for every customer.

2. GISTREADS continues to update the latest books, which is to ensure the coverage even up to 97%. Also, GISTREADS will inform the customers about the newest products in time so as to help you to understand easily.

3. Service first, customer first! GISTREADS will always accompany you during your preparation of the if any professional problems puzzle you, just contact our service staff any time. Good luck! GISTREADS wishes good results for every customer,you can always rely upon us.

In What Situation Can I Claim the Refund?

All GISTREADS users are entitled with full refund in 48 Hours if he/she fails the corresponding books in 30 days after the purchase of our product. In order to save ourselves from scammers and continue this Money Back Guarantee for loyal customers, please notice: the money back guarantee is not applicable in the following situations:

1. One fails the exam within 24 hours of the purchase.

2. Corresponding books only. We only ensure refunds for those who buy our product.

3. Orders out of date.

4. Different person. (Candidate's name is different from payer's name or Name Registered with us.)

How to Claim Refund or Exchange?

1.Government authorized User ID with Photo.

2. Send us scanned copy of your Result/Score Report in photo/PDF format. For refunds you need to send all required information within 5 days after the test to us.

Be patient, we will deal with it in 48 hours after you submit. For those who do not want to exercise the right of claiming refund and want to exchange with other books. GISTREADS would like to offer One Free access as compensation.

If other cases that are not on the list appear, GISTREADS Reserves Final Interpretation Rights.